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Feminist Movies To Watch on International Women’s Day

Get ready to celebrate International Women’s Day in style with our curated selection of feminist movies to watch! On this special day dedicated to honoring women’s achievements and advocating for gender equality, there’s no better way to empower yourself than by immersing in the rich storytelling and powerful themes of feminist cinema.

Oscars 2024: List of Nominations and Winners and Oppenheimer Triumphs

Dive into the glitz and glamour of the 2024 Oscars! From surprising wins to standout performances, explore the most memorable moments and notable victors in our exclusive recap of Hollywood’s biggest night.

Genie’s Top Celebrity Interviews

In the realm of celebrity culture, interviews stand as profound glimpses into the lives and musings of the stars we hold in high regard. They offer us a unique opportunity to forge connections with our beloved icons, gaining insight into their experiences, passions, and perspectives. At GenieChecking, our devotion to celebrity culture fuels our enthusiasm for exploring the most compelling and noteworthy interviews.