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Celebrity interviews serve as captivating windows into the lives and thoughts of the stars we admire. They offer fans a chance to connect with their favorite celebrities on a more personal level, learning about their experiences, passions, and perspectives. As avid followers of celebrity culture, GenieChecking has dedicated this blog post to highlighting the most compelling and noteworthy celebrity interviews. While GenieChecking may not have conducted these interviews firsthand, as dedicated viewers and readers, we’ve sifted through countless conversations to bring you the most engaging and insightful encounters with your favorite stars. Join us as we revisit these memorable moments and celebrate the art of celebrity interviews.

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Top Celebrity Interviews Handpicked by GenieChecking Team

Here are our favorites!

Elizabeth Banks for POPSUGAR

Elizabeth Banks, the celebrated actor and filmmaker, embraces turning 50 with confidence and self-assuredness. In an interview with POPSUGAR, she reflects on her skincare routine, the importance of sleep, and the wisdom that comes with age. Banks discusses her evolving perspective on life and career choices, acknowledging the value of family and the challenges faced by women in Hollywood as they age. Despite the industry’s biases, Banks has ventured into directing, producing, and writing, finding empowerment in her creative pursuits.



  • Banks emphasizes the significance of self-care and a restorative nighttime routine, including her endorsement of No7 Future Renew Damage Reversal Night Cream.
  • Reflecting on her past, Banks wishes she had spent more time with family in her 20s and taken more risks in her career in her 30s.
  • Turning 40 brought a realization about the challenges women face in Hollywood, prompting Banks to explore directing, producing, and writing.
  • In her 50s, Banks is focused on personal empowerment and not being constrained by societal expectations, aiming to reach a point of complete self-assuredness.

Read the full interview on POPSUGAR to delve deeper into Elizabeth Banks’s insights on aging in Hollywood and her journey towards self-confidence and empowerment.

Catherine O’Hara for Forbes

In a candid conversation with Moira Forbes, Catherine O’Hara, the renowned actor and comedian, reflects on her illustrious career spanning decades in the entertainment industry. She shares insights on navigating challenges, embracing individuality, and finding personal growth amidst the noise of the industry and social media. O’Hara discusses the importance of avoiding comparison, maintaining authenticity, and seeking out supportive communities to foster personal and professional development.


  • O’Hara emphasizes the detrimental effects of comparison in the entertainment industry, recalling a time of jealousy towards a fellow cast member and the valuable lesson she learned about self-acceptance.
  • Addressing the influence of social media on parenting, O’Hara questions the trend of applying filters to baby pictures, expressing unease with the practice.
  • The interview touches on O’Hara’s strategies for navigating the complexities of the entertainment industry, including staying true to oneself and seeking out like-minded individuals for support and growth.
  • Offering advice to aspiring individuals, O’Hara encourages them to surround themselves with supportive peers and cultivate a sense of community to thrive professionally and personally.

The full interview you can find on the Forbes Youtube channel by this link.

Adele’s Move to LA: Escaping Seasonal Affective Disorder

Adele, the renowned British singer, opened up in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter about her relocation to Los Angeles in 2016. She candidly shared her struggles with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and how the perpetual sunshine of LA provided relief from its symptoms.


  • Adele revealed her battle with SAD as the driving force behind her move to LA, where she enjoys the sunnier climate.
  • Despite embracing LA, she occasionally longs for her hometown, as reflected in her song “Hometown Glory.”
  • Adele advocates for SAD remedies like light therapy and SAD lamps, shedding light on a commonly misunderstood condition.
  • Privacy in LA is a welcomed respite for Adele amidst the celebrity-dense environment, offering a contrast to her experiences in the UK.

Read more in the article on Cosmopolitan (published on December 8, 2023, by Kimberley Bond).

Derrick Evans, AKA Mr Motivator, Speaks Out on Racism, Etiquette, and TV Stardom

In a captivating interview with Simon Hattenstone for The Guardian, Derrick Evans, better known as Mr Motivator, delves into his colorful life journey and offers insights on his battles against racism, his infectious positivity, and his upcoming drag debut on ITV.


  • Derrick Evans, the iconic TV fitness instructor, shares anecdotes from his illustrious career, marked by his psychedelic leotards and simple routines that brought joy and movement to viewers.
  • Despite his fame, Evans faced obstacles, including racial discrimination in the entertainment industry. He recalls being told by TV executives that advertisers preferred a white woman with children for fitness programs, underscoring systemic biases.
  • Beyond fitness, Evans sees himself as a life coach, finding fulfillment in helping others embrace their later years and overcome mobility challenges.
  • Reflecting on his tumultuous personal life, including battles for custody and struggles with domestic abuse, Evans emphasizes the importance of resilience and self-belief in overcoming adversity.
  • Despite his success, Evans remains grounded, advocating for respect and recognition for all individuals, regardless of their position or background.
  • This interview provides a fascinating glimpse into the life of a beloved TV personality, highlighting his resilience, compassion, and unwavering commitment to motivating others.

While this article is over a year old, Derrick Evans’s story and insights remain as relevant and compelling as ever. His experiences navigating racism and adversity in the entertainment industry resonate deeply, offering valuable perspectives on issues still prevalent today. Additionally, his transition into drag and his ongoing mission to inspire others serve as inspiring narratives worthy of continued reflection and discussion.

Read the full interview on The Guardian, published on November 1, 2022, by Simon Hattenstone.